Firearms Training & Classes

Welcome to 2022 and a New Year of training with Split Fire Training. Due to regulations, your class time may be conducted via ZOOM on Thursday and Friday and class will be on the following weekend. All students must attend the Zoom meeting prior to Training. Your Training class will be held in person at the shooting range, that following weekend. Class sizes will be no larger than 15 due to regulations and Social distancing. So please, take a moment to reserve your spot ahead of time as class space fills up quickly! Classes will be conducted at least twice a month and must consist of at least 5 students. Classes with less than 5 will be rescheduled to the next class date. If you have a large group and would be interested in a date that is "NOT POSTED," please indicate that in your request. You will be contacted promptly with a response regarding your date requested and a class will be set. We also hold classes on weekdays.

These classes are provided to help people understand how to safely and effectively use firearms.

You will learn the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to manipulate, clean, transport and store a pistol safely, responsibly, and effectively. Students will learn the basic fundamentals of shooting a pistol as well as shooting from the bench rest position, two handed standing position, and an optional one-handed (Bull’s-eye) shooting position. You will also learn some laws rules and regulations pertaining to firearms.

All manner of classes are offered to civilians as well as law enforcement and government employees. Children must be at least 8 years old and accompanied by a parent or guardian 25 or older. Persons 18 - 20 years old must be accompanied by someone over 21.

Course Length: Basic Firearms Training

Duration for 3 Days. “All days must be attended “

Classroom training via ZOOM:

Thursday 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Friday 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


Saturday or Sunday 1 pm - 4 pm (times may vary)

Cost $275

Zoom Class starts promptly at the displayed times.

Range time: Please be at least 10 minutes early. 


Basic Firearms Training 1 person         $275.00

Range Fee                                            $25.00 Must pay

1 Box of 9 mm ammunition                   $50.00

1 Box of .40 caliber ammunition            $50.00

Firearms rental up to 5 firearms            $25.00

Total                                                     $425.00 Full package 

Note: If total of $425 is paid online, the student has already paid the total for the class and only needs to bring a lunch.

It is a fact that life in today’s world brings with it a constant reminder that we live in a society plagued with anger, hostility and violence. With the unfortunate CORONAVIRUS epidemic and quarantine, people have become unsettled, and the possibility of burglary, home invasions and robbery are on the rise. Firearms sales have risen 75% since the first week of April 2020. We unfortunately must take measures to protect ourselves, family and others. It is negligent of you to not have the knowledge and mind set that comes with owning a firearm. This is not promoting violence. Just Awareness.

Basic package Trainee is required to bring:

Personal firearms 

Personal eye protection. (Prescription glasses are okay)

Hearing protection

2 boxes of 50 rounds of .9 mm ammo

2 boxes off .40 S&W ammo.

(We will possibly be using both calibers of ammo on the range, so both calibers are needed if the student has both caliber firearms. Available for purchase at the range. if trainee does not purchase prior to class.) 

No Live ammunition in the class room!

If you have:

Personal Firearm

{If you are using your personal firearm, please make sure to bring the right ammo for your gun.  Students must bring at least 100 rounds of ammunition / caliber of their personal firearm.  115 grain for .9 mm. 165 grain for .40 “Range ammo” No Hollow point!} NO LIVE AMMO IN CLASSROOM!

Provided for Full package Students:

Hearing protection

Eye protection

Firearms .22 caliber, 9 mm & .40 caliber

Ammo .22 caliber, 9 mm & .40 caliber ammo "Sold Separately for all students"

Training material & certificate 

Recommended ammo: Prices may vary / Prices are subject to change based on supply!

Federal .9 mm 115 Grain FMJ 50 rounds 

Federal .9 mm 115 Grain FMJ 100 rounds 

Winchester .40 S&W 165 Grain FMJ 50 rounds 

Winchester .40 S&W 165 Grain FMJ 100 rounds 

Ammo is provided at the range. But the prices may vary.

Personal, advanced shooter classes are different than scheduled Basic firearms classes. These classes are by the hour and will go more in depth with shooting styles and mechanics. You must have completed one of my previous classes or another instructor's course. Or you must have previous training of some sort. Examples: Law Enforcement, Security or Military. The advanced classes are not necessarily certified NRA Courses. You can look forward to shooting single handed and behind a simulated barricade. We will fine tune your skills and have you on target.

Please Send an email to [email protected] if you are interested in attending a Shot Gun course. This course is fun and addicting. You will learn not only how to shoot a shotgun, you will learn how to shoot trap and even skeet. Your instructor will give you more information if you are interested in a return visit.

Step 1

Registration ​

The undersigned acknowledges that the reaction to, possession of, and/or use of firearms is potentially dangerous, and involves risk of serious personal injury, death, psychological trauma, and/or other personal and financial liability. The undersigned agrees to assume all risk and waives any and all claims of liability for personal injury, death, psychological trauma, and/or other personal or financial loss.
All persons attending any training with Split Fire suspected to be under the influence of any controlled substance, up to and including, but not limited to Alcohol, Marijuana, Cocaine or the abuse of prescription drugs will not be able to attend training and will waive any rights to a refund. By agreeing to these terms, you are acknowledging that you and all attendants in your party will adhere to these terms.*
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Thank you for contacting Split Fire. We will get back to you as soon as possible. "Live life for more than it's worth! You never know how long you have until it's gone!" Michael Kenner

Step 2

Payment choice

Firearms Training Reservation

Basic Firearms

Firearms Rental

Firearms Rental

Payments are non refundable. If you are not able to make it to your reserved date you have the option to attend on a different date. If you are unable to make the second date, no refunds are available. A change of date has to be requested no less than 2 days prior to class in order for change to be honored.

Classes are subject to change due to weather and unexpected circumstances. Locations and other information will be provided at least 2 days prior to class. All participants will be able to attend the next scheduled class without penalty.

Prices for participation are discounted for every additional person added in a single reservation.


Advanced Shooters, Please do not use the PayPal link. An invoice will be sent to your personal email for the transaction. Please note how many people are attending and hours you are wanting for the class.