Firearms Training & Classes

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I went to the training today, I can't explain how much fun I had! Not to mention the instructor Michael and Lonnie were amazing They will guide you and you will be comfortable and safe knowing you are being taught the proper procedures. I was reassured that I would be taught the proper handling of how to use and own a gun. The class was straight forward and the range was awesome I appreciate the time they took with me they were extremely patient with me. Furthermore, I will definitely will be coming back for more training and I highly recommend this to anyone thinking of joining my advice would be DON'T HESITATE YOU WILL ENJOY IT I PROMISE YOU JUST HOW I DID I AM COMPLETELY SATISFIED WITH THE SPLIT FIRE TRAINING AND AM THANKFUL TO HAVE HAD THIS GREAT EXPERIENCE SATISFIED CUSTOMER EVERYTHING IS LEGIT AND IT WAS PLEASURE TO BE TRAINED BY THE BEST OF THE BEST #SPLITFIRETRAINING Visit the website what are you waiting for? 


Thank you two gentlemen so much. In the beginning of the class I was just so nervous being so close to the guns, but with your help and Lonnie I over came my fear of being near a 🔫 and I thank you.

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